Odoo Enterprise vs Odoo Community

Difference between odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community Editions

Most of our customer ask us about main differences between Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community, please find below our understanding of the same.

  • Source code of odoo community is available to everyone , while Enterprise source code is only available with partners.

  • You need to purchase Enterprize contract in order to use Enterprise code other wise your Database will expire within 30 days and you will not be able to login to your database. 

  • Enterprise contract price depend on your country, each country has got a different pricing ranges between USD 8 to USD 25 per user per year . 

  • Odoo partners have small space to provide you discount on the price of your country, so you must contact a odoo partner before you plan to buy enterprize.

  • One enterprise contracts works with only one database. But you can have multiple companies within same database. 

  • Partners can provide you source code of odoo Enterprise  edition after you purchase Enterprize contract from odoo.

  • Feel free to contact us any information regarding odoo Enterprise Email: sales@openerp4you.com  Call:  +971509870792